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The more we explore the science of physics, the more we understand that everything (including everything living) is made up of tiny particles and energy forms that vibrate.  The time-proven practice of sound healing capitalizes on the vibrational nature of our universe and our natures to provide effective methods of reducing stress, stimulating meditative states of consciousness, and promoting a general condition of wellness and well being. At The Center Bridging Body, Mind and Spirit I use Moyo Drums to conduct a stress reduction exercise I developed after thirty years of work in public education, during which time I was responsible for the high-stakes testing in a central California school district.  The exercise grew out of my study of brain processes, problem solving, and how to promote maximum student performance.  Originally intended as a method of reducing test anxiety, the exercise proved to have a remarkable side effect of stress reduction.  Virtually every person who has experienced the exercise has felt some immediate degree of stress reduction, and most to a significant level. Moyo Drums are the invention of Visionhawk Music, and are available in several keys, including those corresponding to the seven physical chakras.  Moyo drums make a soft, chiming sound particularly suitable for sound healing and meditation.  At The Center I have a collection of the drums in the appropriate keys to conduct stress reduction sessions.  In addition, I have some drums available for sale and teach people how to do the stress reduction exercise for themselves.  For a more comprehensive description of the Moyo Drums, go to www.visionhawkmusic.com. Centering and Balancing Sound sessions are available by appointment at The Center Bridging Body, Mind and Spirit, by calling 559-577-2256 or sending an email to franks@attitude.com.  A session normally lasts 10 to 15 minutes for a $10 fee.  Meditative sessions normally last 30-35 minutes for a $30.00 fee.  A training session is included with the purchase of a moyo drum.
Centering and Balancing Sound Sessions The Good Vibrations of Moyo Drums
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