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Computer Consulting and Training   Getting just the right computer can be difficult, particularly when the store clerk is trying to make the  biggest possible sale or when there is no clerk at all.  Our computer purchase assistance service takes  the guesswork out of it.  We will meet with you to determine your computer and software needs and  then go to the store with you to pick out the hardware and software just right to meet those needs.  We  also provide a setup and installation service for both hardware and software, as well as personalized  training in performing the tasks you want to accomplish.  Purchase assistance: $50.00; Setup and  Installation: $50.00; Personalized Training: $30.00 per hour.  Special rates for family workshops.  Call  Frank at (559)577-2256 or email at franks@attitude.com for more information or to make an  appointment.    Small Business and Personal Bookkeeping We do small business and personal bookkeeping using Quickbooks or Quicken; you choose the level  of service.  We can set up your accounts and train you in how to use the software.  We can train you in  how to set up the accounts.  We can do your bookkeeping for you at your location, maintain your files,  and prepare the reports you need for your tax accountant or for your personal use.  We can do all this  for a period of time while we train you how to do it.  It’s your choice.  Training and/or services at $30.00  per hour.  Call Faye at (559)790-6083 to learn more or to make an appointment. 
State-Of-The-Art Computer Consulting and Training ~ Small Business and Personal Bookkeeping in the greater Fresno area
Computer Services-Bookkeeping