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Swells swirl 'round jagged miniature mountains, Thrusting seaweed crowned summits into the air. Clouds twist and flow like dancing fountains; Facet-scattered light leaps twirling into dazzled stare.   Rolling ridges pushed by contrary unseen forces Dash foaming crests over barriers implacable and stark, Hurling shattered water skyward to fall into narrow courses, Running to rejoin the perpetually flowing dark.   Life cycles ceaselessly above and below the undulating plane Marking the fragile boundary between water and sky, Seeking balance within the constantly impermanent terrain, Where imbalance predisposes the entire domain to die.   Interference by humankind has upset the delicate rhythms, Creating changes seemingly minor in scope, But which promote ever widening and greater schisms In life sustaining energies, causing waste, eroding hope.   But hope arises from those whose sight extends beyond their nose, Who teach sustainable ways of living and how to adjust, And release new energies into a cycle that then grows A home both green and clean, and does not turn the world to dust.
Point Lobos, California
Swells Photographic Art and Writing by Frank Saxton