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In this pale light of a day dawned gray, I walk in solitude to contemplate The paths I might wander on my way Through this Earth I have the power to re-create.   For that transcendence we honor as God Has entrusted to sentient being A responsibility so broad It requires a new way of seeing.   We have being here not to dominate, But rather stewardship is our call; We are not here as Humankind, The Great; Instead, a life-force, part of the all.   Before we can assume our true course As stewards, where we live so carelessly, We must accept we are the life-force Given a gift of responsibility. For as the sun disperses the mist, So shall the light of transcendence Illuminate the shaded corners often missed When thoughts fly mind-ward by chance.
Flower Detail
Compass Photographic Art and Writing by Frank Saxton