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Who are we; of what are we made? When we look in a mirror, what do we see? Where do we fit in life’s grand parade? Most important, what can we be? Earth provides us a foundation Of elements common and rare, Forming many a combination, Each unique and shaped with care.   The wood of our skeleton may be short, Or tall, or twisted, or straight; It shapes us for life, perhaps for sport,   Perhaps for some more mundane fate.   We are powered by water, flowing freely Through our veins, or resting in our cells, But with all of this together, really We speak only of body; in which our true self dwells. In the gleaming metal of our mind Our true self stores our unique experiences; Concepts, thoughts, and syntheses we find Allow us to sort and understand what feeds our senses.   But only with our spirit’s fire Can we refine the valued from the dross; To become that to which we aspire: To integrate the gains; to cope with any loss.   Then to help others achieve sustaining balance; To help them overcome confusion and not fear it; To live intentionally and not only by chance; To live well and whole in body, mind, and spirit.
Sunrise near Talkeetna, Alaska
Body, Mind, Spirit Photographic Art and Writing by Frank Saxton