I remember air so pristinely clear, The mountains around the valley seeming near, And the light of creation causing rocks to glow; It is my intent my descendants see it so.
I remember water rushing so clean and pure, The slightest swallow all weariness seeming to cure, And the flavor of creation spreading throughout the flow; It is my intent my descendants taste it so.
I remember soil, soft and moist and dark, Growing foliage for forest, field, and park, And the sound of creation murmuring as breezes blow; It is my intent my descendants hear it so.
I remember breathing in the gentle scent Of flora freshly washed beneath the forest tent, And the odor of creation, joy of spirit seeking to bestow; It is my intent my descendants experience it so.
May we and our descendants Walk in beauty all of our lives.
Remembrance photographic art and prayer by Frank Saxton