Packer’s Prayer
Invocation   Come, Spirit, on the wind; Whisper me the secret prayer, That lifts the plane of mortal mind Over peak and meadow fair.   Come, Father, speak with me In water’s laughing leap and crash, In wind’s swift rush by rock and tree, In thunder’s roll and lightning’s flash.   Come, savior, keep me long, Like granite columns, aging slow; Lead me through creation-song; Light my path with alpenglow.
Confession   There are winter places in my soul Where dark and icy currents flee To lie hidden, somber and dull, In dim crevasses, wrapped in scree.   The valley walls seem high to ascend Beyond the crevasse of condemnation; Much easier to slip, than mend The path to reconciliation.   Help me escape the icy trap; Raise me from the wintery grove; I seek your warmth; reach out and wrap My soul in your embracing love.
Assurance   I begin in the shadows Below leafy bough and hidden nest, And gently rise to sparkling meadows Where streams slow their pace and rest.   I continue where the forest Leans against granite column and dome; And talk with Marmot in his rocky nest, Then visit Bear in his summer home. I wade through springtime’s glad rush Of creek, where it nourishes flower and sod; In evening’s calm, I taste the hush As I walk in the hand of God.
Praise   The eagle sings his praise In a glorious and wild cry That pierces the world within my gaze, And decorates unblemished sky; I sing with the eagle.   In whispering limbs, the forest voice Praises with a quiet rush, Deepened by shadows, cool and choice; Strengthened by majestic hush, I whisper with the forest.   The granite praises with the dance Of glowing sun and water’s splash; For life keeps laughing with a prance, While light laughs leaping with a flash And I dance with the granite.
Thanksgiving   For the cooling forest shadow, For the laughing, rippling ford, For the flower-sparkling meadow, For this communion, thank you, Lord.   For the glowing, shining granite, For the flashing lightning’s sword, For my talks with Grandpa Marmot, For this communion, thank you, Lord.   For your ever constant caring To send to me a needed word, And friends with whom to do my sharing, For this communion, thank you, Lord.
Yosemite Creek, Yosemite
Forest Teardrop, Yosemite
Big Meadow, Yosemite
Below Bridalveil Fall, Yosemite
Rainbow near Yreka, CA