Solstice and Equinox
Fields of white Glist’ning bright, Building mounds, Muffling sounds. Godhead shows, In repose, Nature’s mesh: Sharp and fresh. Ice capped stream Makes the dream.
By His urge Seasons merge And
Drops of melt, Hardly felt, Clean and clear Branch and bier. Warmed by day, Droplets play. Water’s rush Ends the hush; Nature’s room Comes to bloom
Fields of green. Morning’s sheen Flowered bright In the light; Laughing breeze Shakes the trees. Granite shine Brings a fine Evening show: Alpenglow.
Skies of gray, Dimming day. Lightning crack Splits the black; Lonely moan Chills the stone; Icy streaks Lace the creeks; Snowfall’s crush Brings the hush.
Fields of white Praise His light.
By His urge Seasons merge To
By His urge Seasons merge To
By His urge Seasons merge And
Matanuska Glacier Near Palmer, Alaska
Upper Yosemite Fall, Yosemite
Mount Conness from Young Lakes, Yosemite
Storm, Pacific Grove, CA
Glacier Point Ski Trail, Yosemite