Mount Shasta, Northern California
I marvel, when someone says, “We have battled the elements, and won!” Battled? God has not put us here To battle His own forces. Won? Against what adversary? The fierce wind? The soaking rain? The wind cleans the air, The rain refreshes growing things. These are not adversaries, For if God leads us into wind and rain, It is for us to be cleaned and refreshed.
The flashing lightning? The crashing thunder? How can God’s personal fireworks be adversaries? Rather, sit back and be reassured At His continued presence and power. The icy cold? The thin air? They clean the smog from our lungs, And the fog from our souls, And make us rejoice in life. So think not of doing battle, Or being an adversary of elements, But praise God! For He allows us to enter His world, On His terms, As one of His elements.