Portage Glacier, Alaska
Harmoniously, Life and I awaken the worldsong Out of the hushed mantle of blue-shimmering ice, And wander through crystal-shining God-glow Where the gentle wild-forest caresses my soul. I leap laughing from billowy bank to icy shadow Knocking frosting from passing limbs, Singing with the wind. Run, Coyote! Ho, Fieldmouse! Why skitter so? I’ll not harm one of God’s creatures. I’ll twist Coyote’s tail for a tickle-brush ‘Til we all laugh and sing. I race the wind around gold-capped domes And paint them strawberry; Cloak them in mist And laugh And weep And sing As moon-shadow’s swiftly silent flight Across star-sparkled snowscape Brings quick passage Into softly embracing Amber-glowing Night.