Cathredal Peak, Yosemite
Foot weary, soul happy, I rest Under granite crest, Like a castle in the west. God washes my feet In the shadow of the Cathedral, Reaching high enough for God to find a seat. Sit down, God, Rest with me awhile. We have no need to speak just yet. Just nod, and smile. This is a happy place, Enough space, Enough light, Enough meadow, Where springs lace the grass. There is a fire in the lake, Burning as the Christ-fire Burns in those who make Their lives close to Christ.
God, who are we that you consent To bring us to this place, that grew Cradled in light and life? Or should we ask, who are You? It seems to me We ask too much who are we And not enough who be Thee. Do you agree? Or are you forgiving enough To allow us our petty guff? Do you lead us into these places Bathed in light To give us insight Into the relationship Between you and us and the world? For it is these times that I am hurled Into consideration, Jubilation, Elation. I think I have gone soul-happy.