Cloudscape 12
In the solitude of my soul    I wander with the Holy Spirit       Over alpine col          Until physically spent;             But still,                Gaining spiritual refreshment.                   Describe how it feels?                      There are no words                         To describe the combination                            Of physical exhaustion                               And spiritual elation.                                  I’ll make my own:                                     Exhilaraustion,                                        Wearijoy,                                           Exultigue.                                              Is the idea clear?                                                 When a body is both physical and spiritual,                                                    The feelings of one mix with the other.                                                       Here is another way to look at it:                                                          The refreshment spiritually                                                             Invigorates physically,                                                                Which is mutually                                                                   Beneficial.                                                                      Thus, the whole                                                                         Event, for the soul                                                                            Becomes a physical prayer.                                                                               Is it any wonder                                                                                  That I wander                                                                                     Until physically spent?                                                                                        For then the Holy Spirit                                                                                           Whispers refreshment                                                                                              Into the solitude of my soul.