ReVision 12, The Faery Garden
Oh, curséd tormentor, Why do you haunt me? You buzz around, buzz around, Driving me to distraction. What is your pupose? Why this ceaseless action? What do you teach us? Patience? Humility? Endurance, most likely. What? You have no purpose Other than that of any creature: To live, To continue the kind, To worship God in the joy of life? Then you seem successful, For you do live Intent On torment: And you continue your kind, If the abounding hordes Are any sign: And your joy of life Is demonstrated in the exuberance With which you approach the feast. Oh, curséd beast! Why does your worship Require blood sacrifice? Why must you constantly Parade your presence Before my ears and eyes? I pray to God you go, go, Go pick on someone your own size, You curséd mosquito!